Welcome to our world of lost and endangered arts!

"A country can be judged on how it remembers its past... and it is, we, who hold this reverence most dear."


Lost Arts span a range of dimensions across work practices, processes, and traditions; cultural, geographical, temporal, and others. Many of these can be traced to our heritage and cultural roots in domains such as:




Preservation Trades

Domestic & Cultural Heritage

Indian Lore

Survival and back-woods skills / wood lore...

What others? Let us know your thoughts.


Our Go-To-Market Strategy leverages Google Earth and these 3 core practices:

1.    Crowd-Funding; Crowd funding refers to the activities of soliciting donations or investments from on-line users outside our Lost Arts Collaborative organization who, collectively, raise money to support a lost art (i.e. the cause), or to underwrite a lost art community project. This model requires a new type of web site to harness public support for lost and endangered arts.

2.    Crowd-Sourcing; Crowd sourcing refers to the activities of soliciting content, ideas, skills and brainpower... from on-line users outside our Lost Arts Collaborative organization who, collectively, help our lost arts customer constituencies to solve their lost art related problems and business challenges. This model requires an advanced video platform that we’re now working to source.

3.    GamificationGamification is the ability to apply game concepts to business needs where individuals, such as employees, can earn points and badges for completing tasks, contributing suggestions, answering questions, etc. "Soft Gamification" refers to an individual's ability to earn points and badges. "Hard Gamification" relates to turning in the accrued points for an actual prize which is an ideal way for our sponsors to build visibility, good will and sell products and services.

Our Lost Arts Mantras...

•     Cultivating an appreciation of valuing what came before us

•      Following a "simplicity of living" philosophy

•      Invigorating our relationships

•      Valuing the world around us and "the small things in life"

•      Giving back to our local community

•      Giving back to lost art Communities-of-Practice

•      Carrying on the lost arts educational mission which extols the importance of regenerative agriculture

•      Buy American / Build Jobs at Home